Friday, March 03, 2006

Sunrise Circle Jacket Knitalong

I've started! Pics on my blog
Finally finished my monster Olympic sweater, and squeezed in a quick little bag/case for my new MP3 player. Then I got down to business... Stitch gauge is perfect, I need to check row gauge. I chose to make size 37, and I'm taking Kate's advice and making the fronts first, so I can adjust the back if needed. I have about four inches of the left sleeve done, and it is moving quickly. I think my arms are a bit long- at least, I often wish my sleeves were half an inch longer. So I'm putting in a few extra rows in the first few repeats- I think four total will give me that extra bit without disrupting anything.

My yarn is very nice- it feels lofty, dry, and towely. Like a very dense, soft, luxurious bath towel. Cottony. Weird descriptors, I know. I'm going to like it. The color is not as tomato-y as it appears in these photos, it's a very cool toned red with flecks of white-to-pink and black.

KnitPicks has just released a few new lines of yarn- Shine Worsted, which may be too drapey for this jacket, and Main Line, which could be perfect. I've ordered a ball of Main Line to swatch, so I'll let you all know if it's a possibility.